Pool Screen Repair Orlando FL

If you have any problems with your pool screen and in need of repairs or installments, we will do it all for you quickly and with great care. Our pool screen repair contractors are all professionals with years of experience and will ensure the most courteous and expert service. Our goal is to make your time working with us as pleasant as possible, and that you will not be left disappointed with the results. We work with a variety of pool styles and all kinds of building and screen materials, so we will come up with an approach to any issue that you might be having. We also pride ourselves in working only with the most quality of materials which help us achieve the best results and leave your pool better than ever before.
However, you also have the option of fixing your pool screen yourself, but only if it is a small tear. Small holes are easily fixable and anybody can do it, all you need is some mesh screen and some superglue or some silicone caulk. All you have to do it measure the rough size of the tear, then cut out a similar piece from the mesh screen that you bought. Dip it into the super glue, or use the silicone caulk and apply it to the patch. Then apply the patch onto the tear and press it into place. Make sure that it is smoothed out so it stays on for a long time. After a couple of minutes the patch should be glued on solid. And it is as easy as that to repair a tear in your screen. However, this only works on smaller holes, if the damage is larger, or the screen has come off at a corner, you will need to replace the portion of the screen that has been damaged, and we will provide the help to fix it.
The pricing of our services is dependent of the amount of repair needed and how easily accessible the damage is. Our price consists of a fixed rate service call fee, which includes 50 feet of material, and then the price for every square foot of the screen that needs to be repaired or installed after that. Our service call fee is $115 , including the 50 feet of screening, plus $1.50 for every square foot of repair. With the best service and reasonable prices, we guarantee that you will be left satisfied with your new fixed pool screens. We are proud to be working with all our customers, and we can surely say that we provide the best pool screen repairs in Orlando, Florida.